First Registration as a sex worker

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Hello, I am planning to start work in Germany and I have been reading about the registration. I will be very grateful if someone can give me the exact steps on how to do it. My understanding is:
1. First step for me is to get a health certificate as it is my first reistration
2. Then i o for the I have some questions
- I see I need an address ...well i do not have an address in germany...i have one address in Bulgaria and USA - my question is what address can I use here.
- How long does the certificate take to be issued.....I currently work in Zurich so I plan to come to submit the papers and go back ...can I do that or I need to stay in Germany and wait?
- Where do I receive the certificate ...Is it the address that I have listed or from an office?
- What city is the easiest and fastest way to get a certificate ?
- Can i communicate with the authorities in English?
Thank you very much in advance :)
Wishing all of you an amazing day and weekend and Happy 1st of March
Kisses and Love Charizma
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And how you deal with the situation.